Why do people think your life has to stop?

So me and my fiance bought our house and found out we were pregnant a month later... which was great for us! we immediately remodeled the bedroom so it was ready for baby and then started on our kitchen so that way its done within hopefully the first few months of our baby being here to make things 50× easier. Theyre the 2 worst rooms. But dear fucking lord. my grandmother and mother act like life stops and is just so horrible when you have kids and you cant have or do anything any longer. my mother repeatedly tells me and my 2 aunts (we are all 3 two months apart) "youll see how annoying and miserable it is" "just wait youll see how awful things get".. now her and my dad are alcoholics, abusive, and mentally unstable so idk if my gma thinks me and my fiance are going to dig ourselves into debt too but we both have almost perfect credit scores, and are simply updating our home not buying alcohol and drugs and spending more than we can make/pay back. Its just so annoying that they keep making these comments like our lives should stop! yes we are having a baby any day but that doesnt mean we cant still use time to work towards giving our children a great home thats not falling apart. i take and send alot of pictures of my fiance updating things and its always the same "you really think you should spend money on that before a baby" "shouldnt you be worried about having a baby" its to a point i just wanna scream FUCK OFF at them. we are proud of what we are accomplishing and we have thousands in savings for emergencies not counting our other 2 checking accounts. We are not financially stupid or broke or anywhere near. I really just dont get why its so hard to be happy for people who are progressing in their life AND having a baby. My world is going to change. Not stop or be miserable. Its how you choose to look at it and deal with it and lord i dont even want them a part of it!