Not sure what to think...can anyone see it??

Stella • Aged 45 and been trying for our first little one since February 2017.

My cycles have been all over the place the last few months. I’ve ovulated a week late and then really early - a few days after AF but this month I don’t think I ovulated at all. My OPKs got close to positive a few times but never quite there and I’ve had no fertile CM at all and my cervix has stayed tight shut!

Anyway, I’m still doing a couple of OPKs a day just in case I’m gonna ovulate really late again.

I’m currently on Cd21 and still the OPKs are fairly dark but obviously not positive.

I’ve also been doing the odd HCG test just in case too.

Well just now I got this.....

I can clearly see a line on the HCG test.

It does look a lot clearer in person though.

What does everyone think???

I’m gonna do another test in the morning just in case this test is a dud.