Hating their husband right now?

I should start by saying that my husband is a feminist, loves me, and has always treated me exceptionally well. He makes me dinner every night, buys me flowers for no reason, and is my biggest cheerleader. But, now that I’m pregnant, I’m so mad at him all the time.

- I hate that I’m getting huge, and he’s somehow losing weight right now.

- I hate that I get my blood drawn, things stuck up me or rubbed on me at the doctor, and no one is poking him

- I hate that I have to go to doctor and make decisions, and he doesn’t have to do any of it

- etc etc etc

Everyday something happens that makes me so mad that men don’t have to deal with pregnancy the same way we do.

Maybe you all will think I’m nuts, and unappreciative of my pregnancy (I am grateful for it, I lost my first pregnancy), but I need to vent my anger. I’m afraid being this pregnant and angry will hurt our marriage. How do I stop letting all of the differences between us now make me so mad?