Finally getting my “20” week ultrasound tomorrow.

Becky • Married. Due 09/05/2021. Had bio baby girl #2 on 01/21/19. We have three teens and two small boys between us also. It’s a long blended story.

I’ll be 19w6 days with baby girl. I am a BBW and AMA and i can’t help but be nervous. We had a miscarriage last year. And have been trying 3 years.

Our 10w3 scan suggested thick nuchal fold which prompted them to refer me for Chromosome testing which came back ok and we found out it’s a girl. I’ve seen her two other short times on a pocket ultrasound because they can’t find her heartbeat. I also haven’t felt much of any movement. (Again BBW) but yet I’m scared for tomorrow.

I can’t wait to see my baby girl. :)

I can’t wait til she’s safely here.