No self respect.


So I've been in a relationship for the past month and we had the conversation tonight on how many people we've slept with in the past, it's just something I'm always curious about and as was my partner - he mentioned that he wasn't the kind of person to have one night stands and would never do it and then he noticed my face of discomfort and asked what was up and I said that I'd had 4 one night stands in this year alone - now let me explain that.

I was in a 5 year relationship before this and was emotionally manipulated, used and controlled and was never allowed to go out and have fun and I was 1000% loyal and then my partner had a 4 month affair behind my back and so when I got over the initial hurt and betrayal I started going out more and living my life and in that time I had some one night stands.

After I'd told him this he went super weird with me and literally said to me that he wouldn't of ever pictured that from me and thought I'd have more self respect for myself and I genuinely feel so pissed off because I've never been ashamed of it and he's saying that like I should be and it makes me feel so uncomfortable now and I honestly don't know how I feel about it now.