HELP Depo-Hell


Okay so I got the depo shot in July, after hardly being informed on it. I've had horrible side effects, as I've seen so many others have after doing research. I will not ever consider continuing this poison, but I have no idea how to stop or slow down the effects. My doctor hardly gets back with me. We just play phone tag.

The worst symptoms are the insomnia, anxiety, no libido, suicidal thoughts, full/noticeable body swelling with numbness, weight gain, dizziness, increased seizures, muscular pains, the worst cramps I've had in my life, pins and needles, hot flashes, and weakness from continually bleeding for months.

Does anyone have any idea how to deal? My depression and seizure medication does not help, and I don't know if I can last until this wears off. The extreme cramps and pains are probably the worst side effect. It feels the same as after I had my daughter.