OKAAAAAY I'm bursting at the seams! The other night I think I almost walked in on my boyfriend showing his sister the flipping ring that he's going to propose to me with! I heard him tell his mom she was being too loud and then he goes no! Jess is coming! And he ran and hid in his sisterz room. Mind you he is very silly it was very strange for his sister to be playing along. It's driving me insane! I think he gave it to her to keep it well hidden since I'm a nosey bum and also so he dose not lose it. It's taking everything to not go up to her while he's at work and just flat out ask to see it hahaha but I want to be surprised and I'm honestly shocked he got it without me knowing! I almost always hear his thoughts and nothing even tipped me off a little bit so that's why I'm on the fence. But the idiot asked me if I knew what was going on when he came up after all the running and hiding and gave me the big smile which tells me he is hiding something. Sometimes being intuitive sucks but I haven't been able to sleep because I'm like OMG! Ask me already!!!