Should i believe him?

My husband was drinking and he got buzzed. He told me his ex wife is the best, i dont complete him, and theres a missing piece. Shes the one hes ever truly love the most. Im pregnant too btw. His 1st child ever. The next day, he woke up, and apologized to me. He told me not to listen to his drunk words. All he ever does is blab about bs he says. He said he is already over his ex wife and im his number 1. But this means nothing to me. I feel like he doesnt even love me, want me, value me, or desire me at all, and is only marrying me to not feel lonely and depress all the time about his ex wife. But the one truly in his heart is his ex wife. I am nothing to him, compare to her. This is how i feel. He still have pics of them together. He was going to give his car to his ex wife, their 1st car together, but i wanted it. He said it was my fault she couldnt keep it.