Sorry it's political way of living rant


Sorry, but I haven't seen much change in government or for us people, since the president stepped in. I was on my Instagram page and it's the same stuff. Middle class and below are still the same as the rich get richer! Minimum wage in Hampton Roads, Virginia, is still the same. The way they hire people is still the same, you can be completely qualified and still not it. The cost of living here is just as expensive, it's not liveable. They're constantly building on every small piece of land. The cost of things is ridiculous. We live around 3 big bases, so it's like we get hit hard the most. Yet everyone else is saying there's been improvement. If you didn't see qn increase in your paycheck, then it's nothing. During tac time, I got hit the hardest, I did my taxes and didn't owe anyone any money or anything and it felt useless. They changed the way we filed taxes, you can't even claim the same things that you paid for outta pocket. There was so much that was cut out of taxes, I felt like why should I file. I understand the concept of paying taxes, but at the same time, we look forward to what we worked for back in return and end up with nothing. I'm sorry, but it seems worst this time more than ever, we don't really have anybody looking out for us, if you're not rich and wealthy then it doesn't matter.