Shahad • FT Mama to my sunshine boy 💙 Hamad 💙

okay so i have a severe infection, thought it was a UTI from bacteria but it isnt, and breastfeeding safe antibiotics worsened the symptoms instead of treating them. doctor is now saying my only other medication options have no information about whether or not theyre safe for the baby so he suggests i take a break while i take the medication and get better. so here goes: 1. im pumping multiple times a day and already have a stash so that baby boy doesn't have to go on formula 2. im going to continue pumping so that my milk doesnt dry out but 3. i cant feed it to my baby because of the medication so 4. im looking for recipes like breast milk soap and such, and other creative things i can do with the milk instead of tossing it, while making sure that the meds dont interfere with those recipes or affect them in any way. would be so grateful for any help!