Taking leave early

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I read online that I can take leave as early as 11 weeks. I have 5 weeks & 4 days left or less, and I can no longer stand for long periods of time. The pain is unbearable! I can barely get out of bed without almost crying from the discomfort. It really makes me upset to know that I may be quitting

my job because my doctor won’t let me go on leave. He actually joked about how much I have left. He said “what are you gonna go on leave for 3 weeks? A month?” I said yes. He said “I can give you a note for work for today and tomorrow but I can’t sign you out yet”. I just feel like they don’t care. I’m really always in pain & it sucks. I’m so mad. I wish I could just break something .. I’m currently at the doctor waiting for my appointment paper. I just cried my eyes out telling my mom what happened. I work retail. I guess I will be quitting my great job that I love, which is Carter’s..the baby store.. 💔