Husband and Money

My husband and I have been married a little over a year now, been together 3. At the beginning of our relationship, i noticed he was very tight with his money but never really said anything about it. Now that were married and have a joint account, anytime i say anything about spending a little money on something other than bills or groceries..he says something about it and i end up not buying what i want to buy. We’re going on a trip next week, and today i said i wanted to go get some new shoes, he asked how much they were and i told him about $40..he then says that i could spend that money on our trip instead. I dont know if im just sensitive or if its really a big deal but it makes me want to hide stuff i buy from him instead of showing off what i buy. He acts like if i spend $10, that we’ll go broke. I honestly dont spend alot of money but when i want or need to get something its always a big deal to him and he gets upset. I dont want to live like this my entire life, and i really love my husband but i dont know how to talk to him about this. Its not like i dont have a job or anything, we both have jobs and we have plenty of money left over after bills. This is just the only thing we argue about and i dont want to do it anymore.