My doctor called me obese

Edit number 2: me at 140 my lowest not loving it. Why? Because I felt tired all the time you might think slimmer equals more energy, but for me it was the opposite.

Me at 160 fuller but felt better I actually played more sports and definitely more energetic.

And me at 226 more or less I took this pick about a year ago on my bday and never posted it why because of my body dysmorphia I’ve tried so hard to go down to what my ideal size “is” but the more I work out or eat healthy my body seems to stay the same. My highest was 250! I’ll never go back to that . And body shaming does hurt for those of you saying it ain’t like she’s calling me a fat bitch. Well sorry to burst your bubble hun but she basically did. Trust me that was my last visit and I’ve already changed doctors. Your ideal weight is not my ideal weight or any ones for that matter. That chart my say I’m morbidly obese but I just can’t come to those terms. Body fat and body muscle are completely different some of you might weight 120 but have more body fat than someone that weighs 120 and has less body fat and more muscle.

Edit: trust me I’ve struggled with body dysmorphia as well my lowest weight was 140 was miserable and gained 20 pounds just to fill in some pants. Then I got pregnant and had medical issues that made my body gain and lose weight in a span of a year. Then it just stoped at 250 pounds. I’ve worked my butt off to loose all that weight and she knew that. She’s always made rude comments I get it at first it was because I was literally obese but what’s her excuse now. She stands behind a chart and calls me names and that’s not profesional at all. I’m doing this for my self and my health I haven’t taken a picture like this in over 10 years. I sat there in my bed looking at it like it wasn’t me How can it be when she clearly called me fat. Trust me I will keep on walking and keep in mind my picture because I look good. Power to me and all the nice comments to all of you lovely ladies thank you so much for your positivity ❤️. ..I went in for an anual check up and I have to be honest it hurt so much that my doc called me obese and that I need to loose 50 to 60 pounds in order to meat the normal weight standers 🙄. I’m 5’6 and 226 more or less haven’t weight my self since then. That was 2 months ago. Her words were you might want to cut down on the pizza and laughed and kept on bashing me for my weight. That’s when I had enough. I told her I worked 10 hour shifts 6 days a week. 24/7 wife and mother. I eat when I can and some times I don’t. Pizza would be the last thing in my mind of all things. She recommended blood work and off I went. From that day on obese was on my mind day and night so I made it my goal to walk 10,000 steps a day. Which is about 4 and a half miles. I would go home and take care of family business first. I wouldn’t go to sleep till I hit my daily goal. Yesterday I was so tired that I gave my self a day of rest my feet hurt my knee everything. I went off to bed and forgot to take out the pants from the dryer. I woke up refreshed and remembered I dint have any pants to put on so I looked in my closet and I see my arch enemy some pants I both and never whore because they were a size 14. I took them out looked and said nope don’t try them on but something in me said yes girl just try and squeeze them pants on you’re late as it is. An then this happened 🙊😭🙌🏻 haven’t taken a picture of my body in so long that I dint realize my body isn’t obese that a number doesn’t determine what I actually look like. Who in the hell determined that a number is the correct one for everyone to meat the “normal” size. I look at this pic and I’m sorry but I’m not loosing 50 to 60 pounds sorry doc but you and your chart can kiss my non existing butt. I have lost weight and I’m grateful for that but I don’t want to be all skin and bones.