Ex best friend 😢


I’m feeling really low. My best friend also my cousin, we grew up together and we were inseparable up until I got married. We just grew apart. I have a 12 year old and she has a 8 year old we weren’t really there for each other during our pregnancy’s. I always thought we would. We tried to reconnect on multiple occasions and just never did I guess. Well, fast forward to last night she posted on Facebook she is expecting in March 2019 and I haven’t announced yet but I’m due April 2019. I announced and lost my last baby in March 2018 and didn’t get congrats or an I’m sorry from her but I so much want to reconnect and even tho we live hours away from each other now I want to share this experience with her. I do miss her but I’m kind of hesitant. Don’t know how she’ll respond. Any thoughts? Or input? Just venting.