Just normal pregnancy pains?

I was in a car accident a week ago (car was totaled, we traveled 300 feet through rocks and bumps) the baby was fine just an elevated heart rate but that’s expected, they did an ultrasound to check and she had moved down, for the past few days I’ve been having extreme lower back pain and I wrote it off as her being in a low position and the extra weight because she is a larger baby, since Saturday the pain has gotten worse, I’ve had the shits, extra discharge but nothing that I don’t think could be my mucus plug, I’ve been cramping, and anytime I try to sit up or roll over my back and pelvis area hurt and I get super sharp, quick, stabbing pains. It’s to the point my boyfriend has to help me get out of bed because if I do it myself I lay back down due to the pain, does this sound like normal pregnancy pains or could it be more?