Some lies make the best surprises.

Cami • Army Wife 💍 mommy to 2 fur babies 🐕🐕 and a baby girl 🎀 👨‍👩‍👧

My husband just told me he is coming home! I haven’t seen my husband since April as he left for a deployment to the Middle East. His leadership wasn’t expecting to be able to send anyone home, even for births! But well his leadership had a change of heart and he should be back in the states in 10 days! I was 9 weeks pregnant when he left I am now 31 weeks and will be 32 almost 33 when he come home. The only thing is I am in California with family and he is going back to Colorado to his duty station, so I got permission from the doctor to fly and I am going to surprise him by being home when he gets back! I cannot even contain my excitement, and don’t know how I am not going to spill the beans to him but I am going to try to keep the secret!! This is a picture of us the week before he left.