My mom is so rude

My mom told me I’m nasty for sleeping with my bf because he’s “big”. When she says big he’s 6’0 and he’s dark skinned and he’s chubby not fat or skinny just in the middle. He used to play football so he’s thick but it goes with him. She makes it seems like he’s all jiggly (nothing wrong with that) & ugly just because he’s black & not skinny. I love my bf and she’s always picking on him just because of how he looks. Everyone thinks he is handsome except my judge mental mom. Looks doesn’t even matter but because he’s dark skinned & tall and not a stick she thinks hes so ugly and she says I’m too beautiful to be with him. She also says if my grandpa met him (my family is overall judgmental) he’d be upset because of how he looks & he’d be embarrassed. Mind you we are all black in my family just not as “black” as my bf. It’s so annoying she judges too much but when she met him she acted all nice & kissed his cheek but then started talking shit about him with my stepfather. I tried to keep them away because it’s so sad he’s such a nice guy & treats me great but my family isn’t very accepting. They actually met on accident because we bumped into my parents when I was with my bf & I was just like shit here goes the judging. They met 3-4 months ago & it won’t stop.