1 yr old suddenly doesn’t wants to be nursed


My LO just turned 1 and she never refused my boob ever. I nursed her yesterday morning like normal and went about our day and when I tried in the evening again, she pointed at my boob the moment I mentioned milk and she even tried to pull up my shirt but when I put my nipple in her mouth, she pushed it right back out and just stared at it. When I tried again, she started to gag (my nipple is fat but not long). And then started screaming like I was stabbing her. I chalked it up as a one time thing but this morning when she woke up, I tried to feed her and she did the same thing where she’ll motion for my boob (sign language) but when I put my nipple in her mouth she screamed. She didn’t gag this time.

I don’t think she’s teething because she doesn’t cry any other time of the day and she eat well. I would like to continue to breastfeed her a few more months. I just tried again before her nap and she went psycho.