My birth story ❤️❤️❤️(very long)


Okay , so i started to write this in the hospital but i got distracted & never came back to it lol now baby is almost 6 weeks.

Baby Jade , born at 10:21am , 7.5lbs and 17.5in

So i had an induction at 39 weeks exactly due to a tear in the umbilical cord and placenta. I went into the hospital on August 11th at 7:30pm. They had my boyfriend wait in the waiting room while i got situated in the delivery room. I put on the gown and answered all the questions 😂😂. The thing nobody warned me about was some doctors make you get a freaking ENEMA !! before induction 😂 so i got that then i got settled and my boyfriend came back in. So at around 9pm the cervidil was started, i was for sure i was dilated a lot due to the pains i was getting, but i was only 1cm, cervix still thick and baby still high. (So i have no idea about times because i was out of it once the pain hit.) Thirty minutes after the cervidil was in i started to get pain in my lower stomach and back but they were just pains i got from having to pee. So i asked the nurse to use the bathroom, she complained a little because i was supposed to keep the cervidil in for at least an hour without getting up but i couldn’t hold it. So i went pee and those pains never really went away so i called her back and asked for ambien. When she got back she told me baby’s heart rate was wonky so the only pain medicine they could give me was a low dose of epidural because i was only 2cm and i honestly don’t think she believed my pain level. At that point i didn’t care and said yes. I got the epidural which was honestly painless just felt a little weird. Well i’m guessing since the dose was so low it never really kicked in and i tried to explain that but they blew me off. So they pain never stopped just got worse to the point were i was gripping the rail so it hurt my fingers and i could think about a different pain 😂. My mom is telling the nurses her and my sister went super fast and they need to keep an eye on me but still they paid us no mind . So they finally check me again and i’m at a 6 so they put a peanut ball between my legs and keep flipping me on each side about every 15 or 30 minutes. A little while after that i feel warmth and the bed under me get soaked and even though i had a catheter i thought my i peed myself because i was so

out of it😂😂 but it was indeed my water. So she checks me again i’m a 9 but i feel like i need to push ridiculously and she’s telling my not to but i couldn’t help it so like 15 minutes later i’m a 10 and we start practice pushes. i’m still not being taken seriously IDK HOW NOT but baby comes right to the surface during practice pushes and now they’re rushing to get my doctor in and everything set up. So my doctor comes in and i start pushing, since the epi was so low i’m feeling everything, basically a natural birth. I’m telling everyone i cannot push this baby out because it hurt so much 😂 but i pushed 3 times and she flew out. I had a second degree tear and had to get stitches which i also started to feel and had to get numbed. Lastly, TAKE YOUR IRON VITAMINS because i ended up passing out on the toilet after birth and had to get two blood transfusions.

Now at almost 2 Months