Pill increased depression + fainting from needles


I had a pregnancy scare a couple years ago and took the pill from planned parenthood (pictured below) but it severely increased my depression and made me irritable 24/7. I stopped taking it and my depression went back to its manageable state. A few months ago I saw an obgyn to talk about my birth control options and I literally passed out just from talking about it. I’ve been passing out due to needle related stuff since I got my ears pierced when I was 12. I passed out getting numbing shots to get teeth pulled, I passed out twice getting my very small tattoo, and I passed out 3 times getting blood drawn for a physical. I’m tired of fainting, to say the least. My obgyn suggested the IUD (Kyleena) as the best option for me, however she explained the procedure and I KNOW it’ll make me pass out. She’s unwilling to prescribe me a small amount of relaxants or somehingof that nature for the procedure (I don’t blame her) so I’m kind of stuck. Anyone know of a better pill that might not have as drastic of an effect on my mental health? Or know if planned parenthood might be able to prescribe something to help me get through the IUD procedure?