Im posting it here too so i get more opinions. Please read i need help cause i am going crazy😣😣😣

2+ months ago i was over at my boyfriends house and we slept naked together and i grinded on him a little but he didnt ejaculate but sure enough i was so scared of precum( even though he was dry) One week after i got my period and tested negative after it. One month after he rubbed my vagina with his dry hand which got me scared of becoming pregnant too but i still got my period after it. I took multiple pregnancy tests and a blood test which was 0.05. After it i got my period again on September 6th.

Since the 1st of August i havent been doing anything with him, i only masturbated with myself once at home.

Since my last period, i SERIOUSLY have not been doing anything else besides hugging him and cuddling fully clothed and just kissing. ( i dont know if these actions pose a risk of pregnancy)

I was still so paranoid so on September 18th i got another blood test which came negative too but this time at another lab, and it said 0,34 but the lab tech told me its so negative.

I was so scared so the next day i went to my ob-gyn, and told him everything and he told me there’s nothing wrong with your hcg and its normal for it to change due to other hormonal changes through out the cycle. If the hcg increases, it starts to increase with a much more higher number. I asked him for an ultrasound and he did it, and there was nothing, he said my uterus looked as much as NON-pregnant as a uterus can be, and my ovaries looked normal too.

I took another pregnancy test today morning and it was negative.

I dont understand im so paranoid about that hcg change cause i dont understand how it can happen i never had sex im still a virgin and i never saw cum or pre-cum being around my genitals.

I need helps please!!!!!