Recently diagnosed my son


Hi everyone I’m looking for support and understanding in this group. This las 3 months have been little rough since they confirm the diagnosis of autism in my 2 year old son. I was 2 months pregnant with my second baby when they confirmed the diagnosis. Now I’m almost 5 months pregnant and all this hormones haven’t help to get out of this depression I have. I try to think that this sadness is because I’m just starting to accept it and deal with it. They are days when I’m looking at him and the tears of my eyes just come through without me realize. Some days I feel guilty, others I feel so scare of his future , others I’m scare this baby that is on his way can be autistic. Sometimes I feel that life give me this test and I feel I’m not prepared for it or I feel I’m not strong enough for being a good Mama for him. My son is the light of my life , he is the most sweet child , he doesn’t deserve this , he deserves to have a good life full of love , success and opportunities in life. I don’t want he suffer because the world see him different from the rest.