Would you be friends with someone that tried to rape your close friend?



A year ago this guy sexually assaulted my best friend. She said “no” but he still tried to do stuff to her and if she didn’t run away, I think he could’ve raped her. I absolutely hate the guy and I hated him anyway before that even happening so that just gave me more of a reason to hate him.

I’m asking this question because my bestfriend also has other best friends and for example if someone would mention the guy (that sexually assaulted my best friend) they will all say that he’s a nice guy and that they are friends with him etc (but of course I never say that because I hate him for what he did and I’ll never be friends with him)

I find it wrong that they can say he’s nice even though they know what he did to my bestfriend (keep in mind they are also close friends to her!)

What do you think?

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