It’s that time again.....

So Glow sends me a wee reminder saying....get baby dancing!!

On my way home I decide to treat my OH, and buy some VEET hair removal cream!!! I have NEVER used it before!!

To put you in the picture, my OH likes a bit of bush down there!! Not the full on, need a chainsaw to get anywhere near, bush, but some bush!! Says he prefers a womanly woman!! Hell, who am I to complain...less maintenance, razor rash and itchiness for me!!!

Well today, I went to get new blades for my eh, tidy myself up down there!! Standing in the aisle at the supermarket and I see VEET!! So I’m weighing up the options, but with a week till payday, VEETS half the price!! I figure, why the hell not....can’t be that difficult!!!

So picture the scene, i get home, announce I’m going for a bath, lock myself in the bathroom (he has a habit of just coming in to wash my back) and start on my de fuzzing mission. I figure bikini line first as the hair is coarser there. Lather it on to the edges to straighten them out....then do my legs and underarms, and feck it why not the tache too!!!

There I am in my creamed gloriness!!! Check the box, says leave for five minutes or ten for stubborn I potter about the bathroom, naked as the day is long, save for a full tube of VEET, slathered over my body. I’m wiping down tiles the lot!!

So thinking about 7.5 minutes have passed I figure I’ll check it out, starting with the bikini I’ve got the wee spatula thingy and am scraping the hair off the sides, except there’s a lot of hair coming away. In fact, surely I don’t have that much hair down there.....what the hell its still coming away!!! So, it appears I’m three pubic hairs away from a full on Hollywood!! What the actual hell!!! I scrape my legs and all’s good....underarms...all good....tache is gone but have a nice red mark in its place!!!

Oh dear lord!!! The OH is certainly getting a surprise tonight.... my bright red glowing upper lip, should serve as a beacon to the landing strip (or lack there of) down below!!! 🤣😂🤣😂

I’d attach pictures, but for the love of all that’s decent, it’d be full on vajayjay in your face!!!!

Who knows maybe he’ll like it and want me to invest in VEET shares....and slather myself in the stuff more often!!! 🤔🤔