Let me be clear... as of right now I’m NOT TTC... I’ve had 4 back to back miscarriages and my doctor wants to do a SIS ultrasound to see if it’s my uterus causing the miscarriages since I’ve had a lot of other testing. When we were trying I got 2 big boxes of ovulation tests and still have tons left over but anyway, 10 days ago my husband and I had sex and the condom broke. That was the first time in my life a condom has broken. I was freaking out. I got my ovulation tests out and took one and it was a BLAZING positive. I’ve been TTC for 2 years and I’ve never seen it that positive. OF COURSE. We just had a miscarriage last month and I haven’t had a period since yet. My levels went to 1 just days before I ovulated so I’m sure it dropped to 0 by ovulation. Anyway, during my pregnancies I have usually the same symptoms such as painful nipples, nausea, cramping. No cramping yet, but my nipples hurt a lot. Which has me freaking out. And no I didn’t have the extra cash to buy a planB plus I had to use one a few years ago and i had a bad reaction. I took at test at 8DPO and it was negative... super early I know but I’m so anxious. I don’t want to have ANOTHER miscarriage right now I can’t mentally handle it. I just want to get that ultrasound and figure out what the next steps are before trying again. I have low progesterone but take supplements for that just for added info... my question to this really long, scattered post is should I test today? Wait until morning? Wait a few days when that seems impossible.