My dreams/ Gods promises


I usually write these and post them anonymously. I guess for so long I felt like I would be judged, called crazy for thinking anything of these dreams. But I have talked with some amazing women and heard their testimonies and they have moved me. And in my heart I believe these are promises from God, so why be ashamed right? My God is a God of promises and miracles. He spoke to men and women in biblical times so why would he stop now. These are my dreams, His promises.

My first dream was in December of 2017. It was unlike any dream I’d had before, this was so real, I felt everything(I know it wasn’t exact realistic pain but it left a feeling if that makes sense). I dreamt I was just putting around the house, doing stuff, and I just knew I was pregnant. I remember telling my husband, and the joy and excitement in his eyes, and maybe some slight terror. Things would speed up and play at different points but I dreamed the whole nine months. I saw our first doctors appointment, heard the heartbeat, I dreamt of a big ole baby bump, and baby kicks and bumps. Then came time to deliver. And I felt a pressure in my body. I dreamt that I delivered a healthy happy baby. I saw my husband holding this child with tears in his eyes. I dreamt about us taking the baby home, which is when I realized I had had a girl. I saw the outfit and was just smitten with it! I woke up with tears streaming down my face and soaking my pillow. I just told myself it was just a nice dream nothing really to it. Maybe two hours later I was playing around on Pinterest and since I’ve searched baby stuff it auto picks pins you might be interested in. Something caught my eye, and I scrolled back to it and low and behold it was a baby name, a girls name. Aisleen, a form of Ashlynn. And the meaning written beside it said “dream or vision”. I cried. I cried like a big ole baby there on my couch holding my iPad,wiping tears off my cheeks and telling my dogs “don’t worry mommies ok don’t worry” (they were looking at me and putting theirs paws and noses on me). I said once I got myself together that I knew it was God. How else to explain the feeling, how else to have that name and meaning pop up at just the right moment! I praised Him and thanked Him!

My next dream was in January or February. I just know it was still winter because we had our pellet stove running. I literally didn’t know I was asleep until the end of this dream until I woke up at the end. I was laying on the couch and “woke up” and saw the stove burning, dogs laying on the floor and my hubby asleep in his recliner. I looked at his side table and saw his sweet tea sitting there, I told myself I should put it away so that it wouldn’t go bad. I got up, walked over in front of my hubby who all of a sudden woke up. He scared the poo out of me as he jumped! Then he looked me dead in the eyes and said”you’re pregnant” I was caught off guard, I got myself together and said “what” he looked me in the eye again and said “you’re pregnant”. Then I woke up, in the same position as my dream started, dogs in the same position, fire burning, husband asleep and that sweet tea sitting on the side table. Praise the Lord there was another promise.

It was a few more months in between the next one but this one was the most unusual one. Still very real, but very surreal at the same time. There was nothing, it wasn’t light, it wasn’t dark. It was just an empty space and I’m standing there. I can see from my point of view but also I’m looking at myself. Then, out of this cast nothing I hear a voice. It was a man, but no one i recognized. But i wasn’t scared, it was gentle and familiar. It came from behind me. When this voice, this unfamiliar yet oh so familiar voice spoke it said “you are pregnant”. I paused and smiled. I felt myself smile and I saw my smile and tears starting in my eyes. I asked ‘what?’ And again the voice said “you are pregnant”. I woke up, and I smiled and I thanked the Lord yet again for a promise!

And finally, my last dream, His promise. I dreamt I was in a house. It wasn’t my house I live in currently but I knew it was my house. And laying in the living room was a cooing baby, giggling and smiling. I walked over to this beautiful little baby and I’m playing with it and pick it up and hold it and I just knew they were mine. When I woke up though and I thought at first I was just dreaming about my friends little girl. She’s stinking cute I tell ya! But something inside me told me to re-examine my dream. Really think of what I saw. The baby was bigger/older than my friends is. And my friends baby has dark hair, this baby had lighter to almost blonde hair, I was a bald baby that later had BLONDE hair as a young child which gradually changed to dark strawberry blonde I guess I don’t know. And my husband on the other hand, born with a TON of dark hair, all his sisters, his full sister all of her kids same thing. So figure this had to be our combination! A cute little full headed blonde! I wished I could remember exactly the hair color of the baby from dream one, but it had a hat on I think.

But anyway those are my dreams, His promises! Still no BFP but instead of being sad I try to say next month! This is your will! Instead of telling people “if we have kids” I say “when we have kids”. I can’t wait to meet my child! Or children!!