I love him! 😍

I’ve been with my boyfriend since June.. Idk if it’s too early but I already feel like I love him.. Like I can’t explain why I love him but I just do! I feel like I need to have an explanation but I kinda don’t.. He’s so supportive, patient, understanding, we both agreed to wait until we have sex until we are married, and he’s funny. I just love being with him he’s my baby! I just haven’t had this feeling before that I am feeling now.. I’m just happy in my relationship lol like I smile from ear to ear when I am with him and think about him.. I am also supporting him and his journey on going to school... He told him he is in love with me.. But I think I really love him too.. It’s just something about him that I like and just can’t explain why I love him but it feels like I do..

*we are both 22*