read me

Can someone please tell me it’ll be my time sooner or later? Two years of negatives, tracking, hopeful late days and a stupid period every month. I’ve been to the doctor. I’ve had a diagnosis, I’ve tried different medications and nothing. I’d be a great mother to me and my husbands little one, I feel awkward and sad around family members and friends who are pregnant, I lash out and cry to my husband who calmly tells me he loves me and everything will be alright. I just don’t get it, please god just give me the one thing I’ve always wanted in life. My heart is missing a piece and I just want it to be complete 💔 I really think I need to see a psychiatrist about how I’m feeling and maybe I’ll let it all out and feel better... please don’t judge me, I’m only human. I have so much running through my head right now