I don't know what to do

How can you be in a relationship or even start a relationship when you know that you have an STD? The story of how I got it is a long one, but its HPV. Most people have it and don't even know because they don't show symtoms and it's the most common STD in sexually active adults. I think 1 in every 9 adults has it. I'm one of the unlucky ones, I only ever had sex with 1 man and I got it. He apparently didn't know he had it and like I said many people don't, but we're no longer together for many reasons.

I'm worried that I'll never find someone who will want me because of my disease. How can I start a relationship knowing about what I have and then expect that person to stay with me after finding out? I would never have sex with another person without telling them first, but how would I even go about telling them? It's not something you say on the first date.