Totally gloating right now.


Both of the toilets stopped flushing in our house.

My boyfriend has been bitching for weeks and snaking the toilets. He kept getting in our asses about too much toilet paper and blah blah blah I tried to tell him our 2 year old stuck something in the toilets but he didn’t believe me. I didn’t see my son do it but I just knew.

So I called a plumber and my boyfriend is like “if we have to pay money for a simple fix I’m going to be pissed” 10 seconds later the plumber pulls a toilet paper holder out of the downstairs toilet.

Boyfriend changes his tune and says “well he knows what he is doing and has better snake than we do”

Plumber goes upstairs and pulls a small bottle of argan oil hair stuff out of that one.

I’m over here like....