Drifting apart common in marriages?

Ive been w my husband for 5yrs now, weve drifted apart. Idk if we're just so used to each other now. Or something isnt right. I miss what we once had. I miss his sweet, loving self. Right now, he just seems so miserable w me. I miss the movie nights, cuddlings during movie nights, talking before bed, reading together. Right now hes just on his phone all the time and even prefers it over me. He only wrks 3 days, he gets 4 days w the kids and i, but he chooses to drink, stay in our room, slightly closing the door, and touches his phone. Sometimes he would go stay in the garage too. He used to call me all the time at work during his breaks, but no longer does. He used to care about us, he no longer does. Im just sitting here all sad that ive lost my husband. The man i fell in love with, the man who loves me. I no longer feel wanted. Hell, he prefers porn over me. He checks out women a lot, one time he accidently connected his youtube to the tv, and he was watching videos of women. I dont even know anymore. He checks out women in public in front of me too. I think about the past, how he really loves, wants, and adore me. Now im just a pet peeve to him. And he obviously wants other women more than his own wife. What should i do?