Does anyone else have a wicked smart toddler that just won't talk?


My daughter just seems too old for her own good 😂

She moved into a toddler bed at 13.5 months. Just 2 weeks after she started walking/running well.

She can take a subway sandwich and eat it like you or I would. She stole mine and showed me 😂

She understands so much of what I'm saying.

She responds well to timeout. Understands that when she's done crying, she can leave the corner.

She bit us twice. We told her not to do that. So she stopped. She understands "gentle." She's able to show me whatever I'm talking about and has a wicked memory. If I said "Ella where's your puzzle," she'll go get it or bring me to it. If I ask her to bring me her ball she'll bring me all of them.

The only thing that she doesn't do, is form words.

She can say mum mum, sissy, and Dada. That's it. She's 16 months in a few days.

Here's her sitting in a chair for the first time. French toast and scrambled eggs were on the menu ❤️