Types of Cup Users


I was thinking about this and I thought it was really funny. Absolutely no shade to anyone!!! Did I miss any? What kind of cup user are you? I'm "The Cup Veteran" 😂😂😂


The Deal Shark-

This person needs to have a cheap cup. They will stop at nothing to find a cup under $20 and will constantly recommend Blossom or another cheaper cup brand, with the simple notion that theyre not as expensive.

The DivaCupper-

These are the people who refuse to mention or acknowledge any other cup than the DivaCup, and will often make you wonder if they know other menstrual cups exist, or if theyre part of some strange DivaCup cult. *Not everyone who uses a DivaCup will be like this.

The Cup Veteran-

This person would honestly die telling you about cups, theyre constantly recommending them, even finding ways to finagle them into everyday conversation completely unrelated to periods. They actively answer as many questions as possible to try to convert people.

The Newbie-

They don't know what they're doing, they're lost and confused, and have a million questions... but we've all been there.

The One & Done-

This person uses Soft Cups or some other disposable disk and will recommend them over reusable options. We all wonder why, but can never find answers.

The Sad Boi-

This person picked an infamous cup, known for its terrible design. We all wish we could've stopped them, but theyre here now, cramping and leaking, and all we can do is feel their pain and cry with them over their uneducated decision.

The Baby Fever-

This person is only using cups to concieve. Maybe one day they'll use them for their cycle, maybe not. They just heard of cups from their TTC groups.