I’m still in absolute shock.


I took this yesterday. The last week I’ve suspected something was off, my will became weak and I just couldn’t resist the urge to pee on something, so I dipped an opk, just to satisfy my urge, for three night in a row, all of which were blazing positives. More positive than any pre ovulation positive that I’ve ever gotten. So I took this test, oh boy is that positive. It came up right away, I started to shake, I couldn’t believe my eyes, I’m still in denial, I want to take another one just to be sure, my SO just keeps saying, that’s as clear a positive as we’ll get. It’s only been a month, AF last visited Aug. 24, the SO got home from nearly three months at sea Sept. 7, I welcomed him home the next morning, twice, and then again Saturday morning. Two weeks later here I am, here we are. He’s excited, searching baby names and looking up what stage we’re at, here I am, happy, excited, scared, nervous about going through another pregnancy, nearly 9years after my first child. This is going to definitely be an interesting ride.