My mother is the baby whisper!!! Lol


I didn't know where else to put this delete it if it doesn't belong. I swear to my mom is a baby Whisperer! I have never been able to get my son to go to sleep on his own. I had to nurse him or give him a bottle before sleep then cuddle with him until he passes out wait for him to be completely out then I might be lucky enough to put him in his bed. I go to my mother's house to visit at nap time She lays my son down on a blanket on the floor tucks him in (which he absolutely will not let me put a blanket on him never has) and just says you're a good boy go to mean well I'm smiling like yeah Good luck with that one mom. HE DID IT!!! She is my babysitter so she's with them whenever I'm at work I just could not believe it. So you know what I did I started doing it at home and it works most of the time.