A criminal investigator wants to question me??


I got woken up this morning by an extremely loud knock on the door, I looked out the window and it was an unfamiliar car and with me being just getting out of bed I wasn’t dressed and ignored whoever was knocking.

Well later that day I realized there was a note on the car and it was actually to my SO other he wrote Michael, please contact me as soon as possible.

Of course I called Micheal right away and told him what just happened and he asked me if I can call them for him (he’s one of those people that gets too nervous making phone calls lol)

Anyway to get to the point I made the call and he mentioned that he was a criminal investigator that would like to actually speak to the both of us and if we can come in his office at 3 pm tomorrow. Of course I agreed to do so.

Does anybody have any clue what this is about?? I was doing some research on what a criminal investigator may be but everyone mentioned do not speak to one at all without a lawyer present. Sounds like we are being accused of something??? But we haven’t done a damn thing 😂😂 that’s why we’re so confused what the hell is going on..