Period 🎈

Tatiana • Toh-Tee-Ohn-Uh 💛⚡

Well first, I'd like to say my period is the most irregular thing ever. Tonight, I'd say 10-15 minutes ago my period decides to come on after over 5 months. My last period was in April. Prior to that, my period came on November 2017. I know this isn't normal, but this isn't something I want to deal with. I've accepted the fact that my period is irregular and I'm OK with it. But on the other hand, I wonder if it's something wrong with me. I'm 18 years old, and Ive had my period for the past 7 years and I would expect it to normalize on it's own with age. Should I go to the doctor and get checked out? Or should I just let this be what it is? Also, I'm not yet sexually active, if that changes anything.