He has a girlfriend!! 🙀

So I went to a club and this guy has been eyeing me the whole time. I went there with my friend, she tried dancing with him but he wouldn't dance back. He didn't dance with anyone and after 2 hours he came to me and started dancing with me.

He was cute and my friend hooked up with his friend. They invited us back to their place, we agreed and when we walked there he held my hand the whole time. I was pretty sure I was going to get laid.

Then his friend told me when he went to the bathroom that he actually has a girlfriend. I'm 19 and he's 28.

I asked him that and he admitted it. I left so quickly. But some part of me feels bad for his girlfriend and I feel guilty for some reason. Part of me wishes she would know but I don't even know her name or how she looks like. What do I do?