I love him but idk if I like his personality anymore

Okay so I’ve been with my boyfriend for a little over a year now. We’ve had our ups and downs but the downs hit hard. I’ve had resentment towards him lately because in the past he had really bad anger issues that he’d get mad and call me names from small things that I did. It used to get so bad that I’ve actually cried during school a couple times. After him getting mad, he’d used to either act cool the next day or act like he had the right to be mad when really it was out of line. I’ve attempted to break up with him in the past a few times before for those reasons and he actually stepped up and apologized for everything. It took time but fast toward to about 6-7 months now, there’s an improvement. However, I find myself being easily angrier than usually or emotional when we argue now and I think it’s because of that resentment. On top of that, he doesn’t understands where I’m coming from in certain situations and doesn’t take accountability sometimes. I feel like he’s immature. Besides the fact that we are close and share a good intimate compatibility, this really bothers me. I discovered I don’t like his personality most times and how he handles situations as an immature boy most of the time and thinks he’s entitled to say how he feels whenever he’s upset. Idk if I’d be happier without him or try to make it work. But either way is scary to me. Has anyone gone through this or something similar? What would you do?