What should I do?

Ima try to make it short. So I met this new person and kinda made friends with her she is really into this guy but i guess has never actually made a move but wants to try. I met this guy in one of my classes and he gave me his Snapchat and he told me he was into so we kinda started talking and he was going to take me on a date. But then I find out that the guy my new friend is into is the same guy I just kinda started talking to. So I told him that I don’t think we can talk anymore because I just found out my friend is feeling some type of way for him and he said that that he didn’t know that but that either way he is into me. He still wants us to see where it goes but idk if I should.

I honestly do like him and was looking forward to where it would go and kinda wants to still go for it. Btw I meet her just a few weeks ago which is why I didn’t know who she was talking about

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