Okay so, i woke up this morning, i went to the bathroom because i had to pee and, then i wiped my private part after pee-ing and noticed some blood. Just a little. Like very very light. I wasn't even sure if it was blood. I thought i had my period cuz it was late of 3 days and almost 3 weeks before that me and my boyfriend had sex and the condom broke. So i had to take plan b ( i knew plan b doesn't work all the time so i was kinda worried) now i currently have a pad on and there's nothing on it. NOTHING. Its been an hour since and there's still nothing.

My belly keeps turning cuz i have diarrhea. And my lower belly kinda feels weird like when am on my period. I don't know wth is going on, am confused. I keep checking and there's still nothing. But i swear i was having cramps not long ago. Pls someone help.