Ladies with bladder issues - help


So, my issue started in June 2015, constant UTI’s one after another continuously. I was only 17 at this point, I think it was triggered from having sex with my boyfriend at the time. I was on and off antibiotics, drinking the sachets until I vomited at times.

Since then, the hospital have tried me with being on sodium bicarbonate tablets for over a year, this didn’t work, scans, ultrasound and X-ray and another one - not sure what that was called never show anything. Last year I had a cystoscopy with dilation and biopsy, no results from the biopsy and the overall procedure helped me for about 4 months.

I then went back onto sodium bicarbonate tablets for another 8 months or more following a bad UTI with blood presence.

This May I was prescribed with 3 months dosage of low dose antibiotics, which I finished at the end of July, I was on antibiotics once again a week ago for another UTI.

When will it end ladies? Will it end?

Every day I have to live life with my bladder constantly on my mind.

I cant do so many normal things a 20 year old should be doing, I can’t drink too much alcohol, I can’t have too much caffeine, I can’t have a relaxing bath, I have to drink at least 2 litres of water a day, I have pains in my lower stomach and back, I burn almost every wee, I get scared to go for a wee sometimes because I feel it’s going to hurt me. It hurts a lot sometimes to have sex and I am scared to sleep with a new guy in my life.

My wee is often cloudy or worse, I get bloated to the point it feels I’m physically pushing out my stomach.

I’m back to the hospital in 2 weeks, I think I have PBS/ IC. But this has only ever been suggested once by doctors so I’m not entirely sure.

I just need someone to talk to, I feel like no one takes me seriously anymore because it’s a daily struggle of mine.

Comment with any experiences or general comments x