Just a hopeless romantic story


This past homecoming, my boyfriend and I went to the game and following dance. I like dancing, but the only way I know how is shaking what my momma gave me and getting down with my girls. My boyfriend was being a wallflower because he doesn't and can't dance. I was annoyed, thinking "why the heck did he even come if hes not going to spend any time with me?" A couple minutes later, we got into an argument about it and I started crying from frustration. My best friend went up to him across the room from me and I could see and hear her getting upset with him and telling him that I was genuinely upset and didn't think he cared.

This is where it gets to the hopeless romantic part.

My boyfriend then came to me as I was sitting on the ground in subtle tears and grabbed my hand. I told him to leave me alone because I wasn't in the mood to talk to him. Then he said "Come on." I got up angrily and he dragged me to the middle of the dance floor. I was so confused... until I heard a new song come on. A thousand years. He went up to the dj and requested this song just to dance with me. He sang it to me as we danced, even though he can't sing, and kissed the top of my head. He asked me if I was happy now, and all I could do was smile and cherish the moment.

Such a sweetheart. šŸ’™