Our little girl is 3 weeks old and I’m so in love with her but I’m having such a hard time. We have her and two boys age 5 and 3, I’m exclusively breastfeeding too. My husband took a week off work to help but he treated it more of a vacation then actually helping. He didn’t do laundry, left trash everywhere, and hardly paid attention to the kids. So here I was after having major surgery trying to pick up after him and the kids, do laundry, breastfeed, help the kids when they needed help, and help my oldest with homework.

I talked to him about this and how there was no point to him staying home cause he didn’t even help. He felt bad and started picking up his slack which I appreciate. However, he seems to forget that I need sleep too. He works graveyard so it’s just me alone with the baby all night. Usually I can be fine with two hours of sleep but last night I only got 30 mins. He said he would take care of the kids when he got home for a couple hours to let me sleep. No, he brought me coffee and said “I’m too tired to watch them, here’s some coffee and wake me up at 4. I’ll watch them till I go to work.” I can’t even go to sleep when he wakes up cause I need to go grocery shopping and it’s a must since I already put it off for two days. So basically I won’t go to sleep till about 6 and I’ll have to be up at 8. I’m so frustrated all I want is some sleep and for him to be more understanding and caring. I know I probably make no sense, I’m that fucking tired I’m having trouble explaining.