SO texting another chick. Looking for Advice?!


So long story. We’ve been together for over a decade since we were 15 so basically have grown up together. we have a child together and one on the way. I know he’s going through a lot, he was diagnosed with diabetes last year, has had some issues with work, is going to school and trying to build credit. We both are working on ourselves and trying to be better people. Our relationship has actually been going well he even has said it himself. But I went through this phone (not the smartest thing to do but I just had this feeling maybe somethings are too good to be true) and found he was texting another girl. He’ll call me throughout the day when he has breaks and lunches at work but has still found time to hat with this chick. Not every day but still talking is talking. I don’t like it, they were calling each other boo, it hasn’t appeared that they have met up but like I told him talking leads to other things. He told me he would do whatever it takes to earn his trust back. He said a small ego boost isn’t worth losing his family and everything he has worked for with us. I want to make things work but it’s eating at me now. I’m not looking for advice to just up and leave as I don’t know if that’s the outcome I want this to have. But can this be worked out and can he earn his trust back? He’s deleting his Facebook as this is how she initially got into contact with him, they worked together a few years back for a short time. He’s offered to change his phone number, not sure if I want him to or not as at this age everyone will know what that means, and I’m not looking for our relationship to be judged.