First trimester symptoms.

After 2 miscarriages, I’m finally pregnant with my 🌈 babe. According to my doctor he’s assuming I’m 7 weeks pregnant. I’m being very impatient waiting for my first ultra sound. It’s on October 1st. 💗 I’ve felt: thirsty 24-7, peeing every 10 min, bloated, loose stool (diarrhea), sore breasts, always tired, upper back pain (where my bra hooks sit) and only feel a little nauseous first thing in the mornings. I haven’t felt sick hardly at all and it kind of freaks me out. 😬 my sister is 3 weeks ahead of me and isn’t feeling sick either.. my mom said she wasn’t ever sick with any of us (and my older sisters are twins) so that gives me peace. 😅 I re tested just to be 110% sure specially after miscarrying twice I’m VERY paranoid 😱 so I tested and the test line is DARKER then the control line. IM VERY FREAKING PREGNANT 🤰🏼 why do we have to stress ourselves out?! 😂 this wait for the first ultrasound is going to be the death of me. 🙄 anyone else in the same boat?