I feel like a broken record that keeps on playing the same stretch of music over and over, I’m frustrated!!!!!

I am on day 72 of a cycle where I haven’t had a period since July 14th, I have done two hospital pee test and at least one every week at home pregnancy test all with the same results negative.

I feel confused annoyed and emotional. I have breast tenderness and some cramping but have had both off and on throughout this time frame.

My doctors receptionist had called and told me to wait another 6-8 wks and do another pee pregnancy test, when I told her I was late and would like a blood test she said my family doctor said it was normal sometimes to miss a cycle and that I could still get pregnant because you can still ovulate without having a period.

I guess what I am looking for is answers to see if anyone else has experienced this and have only been able to confirm a pregnancy through a blood test. Any answers would be great at this point !

Oh and I also tried to get our local hospital ER doctor to do a blood test and she said the exact same thing !