Early miscarriage or has anyone had this..


On july 27-30 I had my period. On September 1st I took a pregnancy test which showed I pregnant. On September 20th it was confirmed by my doctor that I was pregnant, she also did a pamp and blood work which all came back great. The next day (sept 21) around 2:30pm i started spotted brown blood. Doctor said it was normal after a pamp which i figured but wanted to make sure. Then around 4pm i started heavy bleeding with clots, back pain and cramping on my right side, my doctors office was closed so I went start to the hospital. They did an ultrasound and all the could see was a sac. The ultrasound was showing I'm around 5 weeks, but by my period I should be around 7 weeks. They told me I was having a threaten miscarriage and to follow up with my doctor in 2 days for blood work to see if my levels have dropped. I bleed all day September 22 and now the 23rd it has slowed down a little to wear im not changing my pad for a few hours. Has anyone had this and everything turned out okay or is it not promising? This is my second pregnancy. My first son is 13 months and i had a great pregnancy with him. Im following up with my doctor tomorrow morning when they open.