Incredibly frustrated!


I don't know what's going on with me and the doctors will literally do nothing!

So on Friday I was 3 days late for my period, I had tested the day before and got a negative so I was trying to ignore the fact that I was late and had a million "pregnancy" symptoms. Later that day at around 1pm I got the most painful cramps in my uterus. Like I could hardly talk. It was equivalent to when I completely crushed my foot but in my uterus. (Those cramps lasted 30-45 minutes and I started bleeding very lightly) I asked my mom do take me to the doctor, when we got there they rushed through getting my information. Didn't even ask me if I was on my period or last period date or really anything other than "do you have any previous diagnosis' or medication you take on the regular. When the doctor came in he just told me to get on birth control and I won't have pain anymore. When I told him that it makes it worse he told me get the shot. When I told him I might be pregnant he literally ignored me and told me to try birth control! So of course as soon as we got to the car I burst into tears and we went home. Now today the outside of my abdomen (right around where the ovaries are located) are painful to the touch and the skin was discolored this morning and now I'm breaking out in hives! I don't even know what to do I literally just had a two and a half day long "period" that had no blood clots and my body is doing so many other things on top of that, UUUGH. Does anyone have advice or personal experience with something similar?