So I am stressed about my situation atm and looking for some advice.

The first few visits with my MW did not go very well.. my actually doctor ended up doing a lot if the initial intake stuff. (Seems like it pissed her off) I only saw her once a month at this point and said well maybe she's having a bad day or maybe I was who knows.

Fast forward a few months and I get my 20 week visit and they found blood behind the placenta. She called me freaking out saying you need to get to the hospital now. Needless to say by the time I get to the hospital I'm freaking out. OB wouldn't come and see me, just my MW who was very rude saying "well we gotta wait a month to get another ultrasound - I'm not doing anything in the meantime but it doesn't look good" and sends me home.... by the time I get home I'm balling my eyes out thinking how am I going to get through a month with no information.

A few weeks later I went to see my personal doctor about what other options I have for care at this point. She basically saw my distress asked what was wrong.. I explained the situation and she said she would follow up.

In the meantime I can feel my baby start kicking which is the only proof/hope I have that things are going well.

About a week ago my dr leaves me a message "yes there was a little bit of blood found, however everything looks great and it will most likely go away since you haven't been bleeding or experiencing any cramps. Not sure why your MW would explain it to you the way she did..

At this point I'm done with my MW, there's no way I can deal with her twice a week or during/after birth. I called her discontinue services left message. She calls back ohh my sorry what can we do etc.

This process shouldn't be this stressful, and I felt /feel really emotional about the experience.

I have a dr appointment with my actual dr tomorrow to get a referral to see an OB for the remainder of my pregnancy. I really hope that things to better from this point forward. Also my first ultrasound since the incident scheduled on Thursday.

Sorry did the long wall, guess I needed to get it off my chest. If you've read this far thanks.